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Connecting with your photographer is essential for a successful collaboration. You should expect understanding and trust when you work with me.

My experience is a little different.

If you're seeking typical prom-style poses or the cheapest photographer, I might not be the right fit for you, and that's perfectly okay. It's important to find the photographer who best suits your needs.

I aspire to be more than just a vendor. I want to capture the real you and the essence of your relationship. If you're all about the fresh mountain air and laughter that's almost uncontrollable, keep reading. I promise to make our session easy and fun, even if you think you're 'awkward in front of a camera.' By the end, you'll forget there's a camera, and you'll be grateful for the amazing person you're about to marry.



If you're in search of fun and candid photos, you're in the right place! My photography sessions are all about laughter and good times. While we'll certainly capture some classic posed shots, the majority of the session will be filled with natural movement and candid moments.


I'm passionate about capturing moments as they appear in real life. I harness the beauty of natural elements to emphasize warm tones, creating a dreamy and folk-inspired aesthetic. I'm particularly enamored with creamy skin tones and the moodiness of black and white photography.


If you're someone who cherishes the outdoors and desires a photography experience that's truly unique to you, we're a great match. I thrive in intimate settings with my clients. Whether you dream of eloping in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains or in the cozy backyard of your cabin, I'm here to capture the emotions, landscapes, and story of your special day.

I want your photos to be a time machine, taking you back to all those sweet moments. Decades from now, I want you to look at them and immerse yourself in the love you felt then.



I offer a range of photography packages to capture all your cherished memories. Whether it's a wedding, elopement, or couples photos, you'll find the perfect package to suit your needs. Explore the options below!



Packages start at $2,800.00




Packages start at $800.00

Packages start at $300.00

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