Hi! Im Thalia and I am so excited that you're here getting to know me!

I am an engagement and wedding photographer living in the mountains of North Carolina. 

I graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Recreation Management, and a minor in Religious Studies. So yeah, I am a self taught photographer but this has allowed me to target certain aspects in photography to dial into. 

I am a dog lover, as I have my dog son, Rainier who is an Anatolian Shepard and Great Pyrenees mix. I live with my boyfriend in a cute little mountain home and we are so excited to be MOVING to Colorado at the end of this year!

If you really knew me, you would know that I am a type 4 on the Enneagram with type 3 tendencies. This means I am a sucker for emotions and I let them get the best of me when I am in a dark mood. Where are my other type 4's at? 

I am a self dedicated lover of people and lover of God. My God believes in the best in humanity and so that is just what I do, I love everyone in all ways. 

Being a third wheel comes easy to me, I have always enjoyed having conversation with other couples because it opens the door for intimacy and for you to open up to a somewhat stranger at the time. This being said, I am all about building relationships with my couples. I don't want lukewarm interactions with people, so I have made this my life goal to find this kind of relationship with everyone I come into contact with.